Source code for immuneML.data_model.receptor.ChainPair

from enum import Enum
from typing import List

from immuneML.data_model.receptor.receptor_sequence.Chain import Chain

[docs]class ChainPair(Enum): TRA_TRB = (Chain.ALPHA.value, Chain.BETA.value) TRG_TRD = (Chain.GAMMA.value, Chain.DELTA.value) IGH_IGL = (Chain.HEAVY.value, Chain.LIGHT.value) IGH_IGK = (Chain.HEAVY.value, Chain.KAPPA.value)
[docs] @staticmethod def get_chain_pair(chains: List[Chain]): """Given a list of 2 chain objects, returns the relevant ChainPair""" assert len(chains) == 2, f"ChainPair: expected 2 chains, received {len(chains)}" assert type(chains[0]) == Chain and type(chains[1]) == Chain, f"ChainPair: expected Chain objects, received {type(chains[0])} and {type(chains[1])}" if Chain.ALPHA in chains and Chain.BETA in chains: return ChainPair.TRA_TRB elif Chain.GAMMA in chains and Chain.DELTA in chains: return ChainPair.TRG_TRD elif Chain.HEAVY in chains and Chain.LIGHT in chains: return ChainPair.IGH_IGL elif Chain.HEAVY in chains and Chain.KAPPA in chains: return ChainPair.IGH_IGK else: raise ValueError(f"ChainPair: illegal chain combination: {chains[0]} and {chains[1]}")