Source code for immuneML.dsl.symbol_table.SymbolTable

import warnings
from typing import List

from immuneML.dsl.symbol_table.SymbolTableEntry import SymbolTableEntry
from immuneML.dsl.symbol_table.SymbolType import SymbolType

[docs]class SymbolTable: """ Symbol table contains all objects parsed from the specification in the following format: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- symbol | symbol_type | item | config | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e1 | encoding | EncodingObject | {...} | -> SymbolTableEntry object seq1 | preprocessing | [ClonesPerRepertoireFilter(), MetadataRepertoireFilter()] | {...} | -> SymbolTableEntry object """ def __init__(self): self._items = {}
[docs] def add(self, symbol: str, symbol_type: SymbolType, item, config: dict = None): if symbol in self._items.keys() and self._items[symbol] is not None: warnings.warn("An item with the key {} was already set in the SymbolTable during parsing. If overwriting " "it was the intended behavior, please ignore this warning.".format(symbol), Warning) self._items[symbol] = SymbolTableEntry(symbol=symbol, symbol_type=symbol_type, item=item, config=config)
[docs] def get(self, symbol): if symbol is not None: if self.contains(symbol): return self._items[symbol].item else: raise KeyError(f"SymbolTable: item with key {symbol} was not defined previously so it could not be retrieved during " f"parsing. Please check if an item with key {symbol} was defined in the specification. " f"If it was present, check if its parent keys were correctly defined. ") else: return None
[docs] def get_config(self, symbol): return self._items[symbol].config
[docs] def contains(self, symbol): return symbol in self._items
[docs] def get_by_type(self, symbol_type: SymbolType) -> List[SymbolTableEntry]: items = [self._items[key] for key in self._items.keys() if self._items[key].symbol_type == symbol_type] return items
[docs] def get_keys_by_type(self, symbol_type: SymbolType) -> list: return [key for key in self._items.keys() if self._items[key].symbol_type == symbol_type]
def __str__(self): return f"SymbolTable()" __repr__ = __str__