Source code for immuneML.preprocessing.filters.ClonesPerRepertoireFilter

from pathlib import Path

from immuneML.data_model.dataset.RepertoireDataset import RepertoireDataset
from immuneML.preprocessing.filters.Filter import Filter

[docs]class ClonesPerRepertoireFilter(Filter): """ Removes all repertoires from the RepertoireDataset, which contain fewer clonotypes than specified by the lower_limit, or more clonotypes than specified by the upper_limit. Note that this filter filters out repertoires, not individual sequences, and can thus only be applied to RepertoireDatasets. Since the filter removes repertoires from the dataset (examples in machine learning setting), it cannot be used with :ref:`TrainMLModel` instruction. If you want to use this filter, see :ref:`DatasetExport` instruction with preprocessing. Arguments: lower_limit (int): The minimal inclusive lower limit for the number of clonotypes allowed in a repertoire. upper_limit (int): The maximal inclusive upper limit for the number of clonotypes allowed in a repertoire. When no lower or upper limit is specified, or the value -1 is specified, the limit is ignored. YAML specification: .. indent with spaces .. code-block:: yaml preprocessing_sequences: my_preprocessing: - my_filter: ClonesPerRepertoireFilter: lower_limit: 100 upper_limit: 100000 """ def __init__(self, result_path: Path = None, lower_limit: int = -1, upper_limit: int = -1): super().__init__(result_path) self.lower_limit = lower_limit self.upper_limit = upper_limit
[docs] def keeps_example_count(self) -> bool: return False
[docs] def process_dataset(self, dataset: RepertoireDataset, result_path: Path = None): self.check_dataset_type(dataset, [RepertoireDataset], "ClonesPerRepertoireFilter") self.result_path = result_path if result_path is not None else self.result_path processed_dataset = dataset.clone() repertoires, indices = [], [] for index, repertoire in enumerate(dataset.get_data()): if self.lower_limit != -1 and len(repertoire.sequences) < self.lower_limit: continue if self.upper_limit != -1 and len(repertoire.sequences) > self.upper_limit: continue repertoires.append(dataset.repertoires[index]) indices.append(index) processed_dataset.repertoires = repertoires processed_dataset.metadata_file = self._build_new_metadata(dataset, indices) self.check_dataset_not_empty(processed_dataset, "ClonesPerRepertoireFilter") return processed_dataset