Source code for immuneML.util.Logger

import datetime
import logging

[docs]def log(func): def wrapped(*args, **kwargs): try:"%s --- Entering: %s with parameters %s" % (, func.__name__, args)) try: return func(*args, **kwargs) except Exception as e: logging.error('\n\n%s --- Exception in %s : %s\n\n' % (, func.__name__, e)) if "dsl" in func.__globals__["__name__"]: raise Exception(f"{e}\n\n" f"ImmuneMLParser: an error occurred during parsing in function {func.__name__} " f" with parameters: {args}.\n\nFor more details on how to write the specification, " f"see the documentation. For technical description of the error, see the log above.") else: raise e finally:"%s --- Exiting: %s" % (, func.__name__)) return wrapped