immuneML.encodings package



immuneML.encodings.DatasetEncoder module

class immuneML.encodings.DatasetEncoder.DatasetEncoder[source]

Bases: object

YAML specification:


e1: <encoder_class> # encoding without parameters

<encoder_class>: # encoding with parameters

parameter: value

abstract static build_object(dataset, **params)[source]
abstract encode(dataset, params: EncoderParams)[source]
static get_additional_files() List[str][source]

Should return a list with all the files that need to be stored when storing the encoder.

static load_attribute(encoder, encoder_file: Path, attribute: str)[source]
static load_encoder(encoder_file: Path)[source]
set_context(context: dict)[source]
store(encoded_dataset, params: EncoderParams)[source]
static store_encoder(encoder, encoder_file: Path)[source]

immuneML.encodings.EncoderParams module

class immuneML.encodings.EncoderParams.EncoderParams(result_path: pathlib.Path, label_config: immuneML.environment.LabelConfiguration.LabelConfiguration, filename: str = '', pool_size: int = 4, model: dict = None, learn_model: bool = True, encode_labels: bool = True)[source]

Bases: object

encode_labels: bool = True
filename: str = ''
label_config: LabelConfiguration
learn_model: bool = True
model: dict = None
pool_size: int = 4
result_path: Path

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