immuneML.hyperparameter_optimization package



immuneML.hyperparameter_optimization.HPSetting module

class immuneML.hyperparameter_optimization.HPSetting.HPSetting(encoder: DatasetEncoder, encoder_params: dict, ml_method: MLMethod, ml_params: dict, preproc_sequence: list, encoder_name: str = None, ml_method_name: str = None, preproc_sequence_name: str = None)[source]

Bases: object


immuneML.hyperparameter_optimization.HPSettingResult module

class immuneML.hyperparameter_optimization.HPSettingResult.HPSettingResult(optimal_setting: HPSetting, all_settings: dict)[source]

Bases: object

HPSettingResult encapsulates the results from evaluating a set of different hyperparameter settings (e.g. on one train/test split in the outer loop of nested cross-validation) - it stores the optimal setting which can be used to assess the performance on the task, and all settings if needed for downstream analysis.

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